Your ultimate tool for capturing and sharing screenshots.

ATCapture is a comprehensive snipping tool designed for students, developers, and industry professionals. It simplifies the process of capturing, editing, and sharing screenshots with a suite of advanced features. Whether you need to highlight information, record screen activity, or generate QR codes, ATCapture provides a versatile and user-friendly solution.


Capture and highlight with ease.

Quickly capture any part of your screen with ATCapture's intuitive interface. Use a variety of drawing tools to add shapes, annotations, and highlights to your screenshots, ensuring that key information stands out. This feature makes it easy to create clear and informative visuals for presentations, tutorials, and documentation.


Record your screen in high quality.

ATCapture includes a robust screen recording feature that allows you to capture high-quality video of your screen activity. Ideal for creating tutorials, recording presentations, or documenting software bugs, this feature ensures that you can produce professional-grade videos with minimal effort.


Create and scan QR codes effortlessly.

Generate QR codes for links, products, or any information you need to share quickly with ATCapture. The integrated QR code scanner allows you to decode and use QR codes directly within the app. This feature is perfect for easy sharing and accessing information in a modern, efficient way.


Boost productivity with shortcuts.

Enhance your workflow with ATCapture's customizable shortcut keys. Perform common tasks such as saving, copying, downloading, and uploading screenshots instantly with simple keystrokes. These shortcuts help you work more efficiently, saving time and reducing repetitive tasks.


Stay informed and accessible.

Stay on top of important actions with ATCapture's notification system. The app integrates seamlessly with Windows OS, providing accessibility features that enhance your user experience. Receive alerts and manage your screen captures without missing a beat.


Simplify sharing with short links.

Convert long URLs into concise, easy-to-share links with ATCapture's short URL generator. This feature makes it simple to share links across different platforms and track the number of visits. Sharing information has never been this straightforward and efficient.


Enhance your screenshot experience.

ATCapture offers a range of advanced features to elevate your screenshot and screen recording tasks. Share captures on social media, upload to the cloud, print directly from the app, and manage content with group uploads and detailed user management. These features provide a comprehensive toolset for all your screen capture needs.

ATCapture App
Screen Capture
Screen Recorder
QR Code Generator
Shortcut Key Combinations
Notifications & Accessibility Tool
Short URL Generator
Advanced Features

ATCapture - Snipping Tool.

Capture and controll your screenshots.

ATCapture is Snipping tool for students, Developers and for industries. ATCapture is one of the most and widely usable snipping tool.

  • Capture Screenshot.
  • Create short Links
  • Create QR codes
  • Screen Recording
  • User Management
  • Url Security Management

Ultimate way to take Customizable Screenshots

User Friendly Software Application

Our software offers a user-friendly experience with an intuitive interface and simplified navigation, ensuring users can efficiently capture, manage, and analyze assistive technology data without complexity. Designed to streamline workflows, it enhances productivity and accessibility in data management.

Upload & Share any whare on the Internet.

Easily upload and securely share captured data across the internet with our integrated platform. This feature enables seamless collaboration and accessibility, allowing users to effortlessly share information with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders, enhancing communication and workflow efficiency.

Fats & Customisable Screenshot

Capture and customize screenshots quickly and easily with our software. Users can tailor screenshots to specific needs, whether for documentation, analysis, or sharing purposes. This feature boosts flexibility and efficiency in data management, supporting diverse use cases in assistive technology environments.

Screen Recording

Effortlessly record and save screen activities with our robust screen recording feature. Ideal for training, troubleshooting, or demonstrations, this capability ensures comprehensive documentation of assistive technology usage. Users can easily capture and review actions, fostering effective communication and learning.

24X7 Service Support

Enjoy round-the-clock service support with our dedicated team, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of any queries or issues related to our software. We are committed to providing continuous support, empowering users with reliable assistance whenever they need it.

Advance Level Editor Tool

Utilize our advanced level editor tool to customize and refine your data with precision. This feature empowers users to enhance the accuracy and clarity of their documentation, offering comprehensive capabilities for detailed analysis and reporting in assistive technology applications.

Our Services

Capture Screenshot

Capture your screenshot and highlight, save, download, upload, share etc...

Create Short Link

Convert Your Long link into very short link & share and check no of visits etc....

QR Code Generator

Create QR Codes For your link or products and share etc....

QR Code Scanner

Scan Your existing QR codes. or generate new QR Codes etc....