How To download and Install ATCapture.

Visit our official wesite. click on download button at top right corner in header section. then software will be satrt for downloadig. after download complition you can install our aplication by clicking on exe file.

How to Use ATCapture.

ATCapture is very user friendly tool for take screenshots in Computer. and you can use on any operating systems (like windows, Linux, Mac etc..).
Smply click prtscn button and drag screen and adjust how much you want then you can copy it, or download it or upload it etc..

How to Save/Download Captured Screenshot on Local.

After drag & adjustments of screenshot you can simply click Ctrl+Alt+S for save screenshot. other wise click Ctrl+Alt+J for Download the captured screenshot. another way for save or download screenshot is you can click save icon or download Icon in User inter face.

How To Upload and use Captured image on Cloud.

ATCapture can allows you to eaisily upload you captured screenshot on server. copy the link share it any where on the internet. you can simply click Ctrl+Alt+U for Upload screenshot on server. another way for Uploading screenshot is you can click Upload Icon in User inter face.

How To Share Captured image on Social medias plat-forms.

ATCapture can allow users to share their captured images on Social media platforms (like Insta, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, twitter, Pintrest etc...). simply click on the share Icon and choose which platform you want to share.